Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Shira - my new little addition

After 10 years of wait Shira my new little Chihuaha has arrived. Due to so much travel with all my concerts and operas my family bid me not to have a dog (as they knew they would be the one's looking after her when I'm away.) Two days before my 31st birthday I decided that the time was right for me to have a little bundle of joy - Shira. Now met and greeted my family adore Shira and she is the diamond in the Raval family tiara!

Shira and I on her second day with me as her mummy. Shira is 8 weeks old.

Shira came from a litter of 4 - two boys and two girls. Her mother is a long haired black and tan Chihuahua and her father is a short haired black and white Chihuahua. When I came to view the pups in Devon there were just the two boys and Shira left. 

 Shira curled up on the right with her two brothers

I was lucky that when I decided Shira was the one for me, my cousin and Veterinary surgeon Roshni was right there with me checking her out. I was glad to hear that she is very healthy. The next day we all went to the surgery where Roshni Administered her first Injections and microchip.

Shira getting her first Vaccinations by Roshni

Once injected we were on the long journey back to Staffordshire. I put her in a crate with fluffy toys and chews and soft towels. She was very good - whimpering a bit but then she soon fell asleep.

Shira in her crate

These past three weeks Shira has been an absolute star. She is now a seasoned traveler having done hundreds of miles in my car already. Last weekend my family and I all decided to climb to the top of Rodney's Pillar in Wales - she did it! She probably walked 2 miles out of the the 6 and she was so assured. I am now training her on the leash (this is taking a little time) and teaching her the commands sit and come which she has almost mastered. I am hoping that by the time I fly off to Luxembourg in a couple of months she will be fully potty trained and know the simple commands so that my lovely mummy can take care of her for a few days whilst I am away. 

Shira at 10 weeks watching me have my photoshoot

Shira being part of my photoshoot

Shira posing in the car

Shira at 11 weeks socialising with her new friends Johnny the Cav x Bischion and Goldie the Cocker Spaniel

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