Monday, 24 March 2014

Stafford Sinfonia - Spring Seranade Concert 22nd March 2014

It was a huge pleasure to be asked by my good friend Miranda Sadek (and player in the second Violins) to come along to the Stafford Sinfonia Spring Concert which took place at the Rising Brook Baptist Church, Stafford on the 22nd March at 7:30pm.

Rising Brook Baptist Church, Stafford.

I sat in the first row beside Particia Wurtz (who normally also plays in the Sinfonia) of the packed out Stafford Church. To my amazement I spotted a few under 5's, one little boy who sat close to the orchestra was decked out in his Pj's and blue spiderman slippers. As the orchestra started to play I watched the boy who seemed entranced and totally mesmorised by the sound of all the instruments. I must admit that I too was totally submerged into the glorious music. Many of the Sinfonia players are family members like Miranda and her mother who are in the photo below. The orchestra also includes the conductor's wife: Marie Wade - percussion and son and professional violinist Richard Wade.

Miranda (2nd Violin) and Patricia (1st violin) at the interval

The orchestra is made up by amateur and professional musicians. The ages range from the early 20's to the mid 80's! The Orchestra is lead by Mandy Hallam who is a professional Violinist and graduate from the Birmingham Conservatoire. The conductor and Director of music of the Sinfonia is the  Darrell Wade, an accomplished musician of considerable weight having been a violinist in the Royal Opera Orchestra. He has also taught many of the violinists in the orchestra including the leader.

The concert opened with the Cenorentola overture which was played with an assured strong and exciting orchestral sound. It made me happy to see how much each orchestral player as well as the conductor was enjoying making music. The soloists of the evening was Mandy Hallem who played Beethoven's Romance in F for violin with great feeling.

Wendy Hallam - Leaching the orchestra

Wendy Bufton - Flute and the self taught Robert Downing - oboe played Holst's Fugal concerto with much playfulness and joy. The highlight of the evening was Schubert's Symphony Number 3 in D.

Miranda Sadeck and leader of the 2nd Violins Jamie Parkes

A thoroughly enjoyable evening of music. Stafford Sinfonia next performs at the Baptist Church on the 28th June 2014.

   Conductor Darrell Wade and the Stafford Sinfonia

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